Many ways to make your startup grow

Hi, I am Oiva Lukander and I have been an intern in Summer of Startups for almost a week now and I am going to tell about my own experiences. I am also going to tell the image I got of working in Summer of Startups.

Okey, so the thing about SoS (Summer of Startups) is that a group of teams are given free working space and coaching for their own startups. This summer there are 14 teams with incredible startups. All the teams have been very active and hardworking all this time. Some of the groups have even given me some work to do as an intern, which have been good practice for my own coming working career.

The working here is very different from what I expected. Before I got here i thought that everyone would be working in the same way, but now I have noticed that everyone has their own way to work and that there are a lot of ways to make your own startup grow bigger. I also thought that SoS would be more like an office, but instead of the strict rules of an office, Summer of Startups is a very relaxed place. But even though you have got all this freedom you still have to get the work done.

The groups have been very inspiring, and not least with showing the interest and passion they have got for their own startups. I have been here for a week now and not one time have i seen these guys just laying around not “caring” about their startup.

Not only have the startups gotten “one to one” coaching but also some great lectures from some great entrepreneurs like for example Linda Liukas and Peter Vesterbacka.

In the lectures the teams got some great tips and so did I, which is awesome. It has been fun to work with the teams and with SoS and I think I will come here myself when I am a bit older.


Oiva Lukander

Oiva Lukander was an intern in Summer of Sturtups.

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