Espoo – Delivering sustainable growth

The resultation levels as well as the best health in Europe. The population is growing and the city is considered safe. Our city’s appeal is underpinned by our varied leisure offering, including sports and culture as well a wide variety of other public services. Espoo residents report high levels of confidence in one another and the wider society around them. Our CO2 emissions are already low and continue to fall. Significant contributors to our shrinking carbon footprint include the launch of the Suomenoja CHP plant, the Kivenlahti biomass station and the low-emission electricity available for local households. Energy derived from solar and geothermal sources is increasingly popular and driving our emission down even further. Espoo will be the first area to trial a new geothermal heat source, generating district heating that is completely emission-free. To this end, Nordic energy company St1 is currently drilling seven-kilometre deep rock wells into the Otaniemi bedrock. lts of an international study have found Espoo to be the most sustainable city in Europe. Researchers at Tilburg University in the Netherlands discovered that Espoo has succeeded in ensuring that development taking place here is on a sustainable footing, across a series of economic, sociocultural and environmental indicators. The study, commissioned by the Netherlands government, which currently holds the presidency of the Council of the EU, included more than 140 cities from across the continent.

According to the study’s findings, Espoo’s strengths lie in its education provision and highly skilled workforce as well as the stability and expanses of nature it offers. In sociocultural terms, Espoo residents enjoy some of the highest income and education.

In line with our values, Espoo is committed to being a responsible forerunner in environmental matters, ensuring that all our operations and activities are financially, ecologically and socially sustainable. As a growing city, we want to serve as a platform for new solutions that will further enhance our status as a smart&clean city. We are not engaged in building just a metro line but all the future potential the arrival of the new line implies. The new metro line allows us to continue building our sophisticated and sustainable urban area, with its first rate services and transport systems. Alongside the metro service, the expectation is that all local and regional traffic provision will aim for the lowest possibly emission levels too.

Espoo will remain on the lookout for exciting new solutions, in close collaboration with the higher education sector, including universities and research institutes, as well as businesses of all sizes and the city and its residents as a whole. Innovation and collaboration are the key to the continued success of our endeavours to become ever more sustainable. The Espoo Innovation Garden is a thriving community that offers excellent opportunities for fostering new knowledge and skill-intensive businesses as well as jobs on a sustainable basis and thereby contributing to the economic success of our local area and the country as a whole. We must be able to generate solutions that are scalable and suitable for exporting to the wider global market.

P.S. In the Netherlands, they have been benchmarking their own cities for some time now. The cities are evaluated on the basis of their economic, environmental and social sustainability, with resources allocated on the basis of the findings. The survey of European cities was carried out by the Telos Research Institute, based at the University of Tilburg. For the full report, please visit



Jukka Mäkelä_150x200
Jukka Mäkelä

Jukka Mäkelä is the Mayor of the City Espoo. He has served city of Espoo as Mayer since 2011. He is passionate about education, innovations, nature, sport, and above all empowering the citizens of Espoo and including them in the co-creation of Espoo Story, the city strategy of Espoo. Jukka has a wide and varied work experience, which allows him to collaborate with and understand the needs of the diverse stakeholder group of the city. Jukka is known to both colleagues and partners as being an encouraging and ambitious collaborator, and is often heard greeting good news of progress and success with a smile the phrase “It’s a good start”.

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