The metro as an opportunity – Espoo driving towards sustainability

In Espoo, the metro is a significant driving force in our efforts to create a dynamic and competitive region for the growth and development corridor that is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

The West Metro growth and development corridor is expected to attract not just new residents but also new, knowledge-intensive jobs. The aim is to see 180,000 people and 85,000 jobs in the area by 2050. The metro line area does not merely represent intellectual capital but is also a beacon for smart and zero-carbon construction. The new area will attract investment and innovation across new products, services and digital solutions. A well-functioning and diverse urban structure and efficient public transport provision are some of the key considerations for people and businesses looking re-locate. Through our commitment to creating a sustainable city, we are on the driver’s seat, with our route firmly set towards a prosperous and thriving future.

In order to truly deliver zero carbon construction and lifestyles, many parts of a wider puzzle will need to fall into place at the same time. Wood construction and smart energy solutions are some of the key pieces forming the bigger picture. In collaboration with a number of stakeholder groups, we in Espoo are in pursuit of new wood construction models and concepts that lend themselves to large scale, industrial application. Our local businesses and other partners have the drive and capacity to identify these new solutions and promote and enhance our competitiveness.

In energy policy terms, we are working closely with our commercial partners to achieve our goal of zero emission energy provision. In our vision for the future, Espoo will move towards a sustainable energy sector by ensuring that our technology and business solutions are capable of serving as a reference point for product and service standards internationally.

Our urban structure must be designed to be both high-density and highly effective, and make it possible for vital services to be delivered close to high-quality public transport provision. A high-density urban environment will also allow us to preserve biodiversity and make it possible for people to continue to enjoy access to nature and wildlife in their own local area.

The smart, low carbon construction solutions used at the West Metro growth and development corridor represent brand new opportunities for Finland’s economic and environmental sustainability nationally.

Sustainability starts with collaboration. Espoo is open to innovation.



Olli Isotalo_150x200
Olli isotalo

Deputy Mayor Olli Isotalo is the Head of Technical
and Environment Services in the City of Espoo.

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