Espoon Asunnot switches to EKOenergia certified power supplier for all properties – Why have we done this?

The results of the latest survey into Espoo residents’ environment-related attitudes and behaviour show that climate change is seen as one of the most serious global environmental threats currently facing us and many express concerns about the consequences of runaway climate change. The environment also matters to me personally. It is up to all of us to make environmentally sustainable decisions now to ensure that future generations to come will also be able to thrive on our planet.

Following the 2015 Paris climate talks, action to tackle climate change has ramped up significantly. The responsibility for ensuring a better future for all rests with nation states, local authorities and businesses. Regardless of their size, all organisations must reduce their energy consumption and make use of sustainable energy wherever possible.

Sustainability is one of the key values that informs our work at Espoon Asunnot. That is why it was an obvious choice for us to switch to an EKOenergia-certified energy supplier as part of our ongoing action on climate change. In doing so, we are also working in line with the City of Espoo’s climate policy and the city’s strategic objective of being a leader in tackling climate change.

Following a competitive tendering process, we chose a Finnish bioenergy company as our supplier. Having chosen to opt for bioenergy, it was important for us to ensure that the production process is genuinely environmentally friendly. We are confident that when our sustainability criteria are met, the new electricity contract will bring benefits to both the climate and Finnish nature.

EKOenergia is an ecolabel for electricity that has been established to monitor the sustainability of electricity production. EKOenergia electricity is available from around ten power companies in Finland. EKOenergia itself is a not-for-profit organisation backed by a network of more than 40 environmental organisations across more than 30 countries, including the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (SLL).

At Espoon Asunnot, we believe that environmentally sustainable decisions are also economically sustainable ones that offer benefits to all of society. With this choice, we hope to draw our residents’ attention to the environmental impact of energy production. We all consume energy 24/7, which is why switching to an EKOenergia certified supplier is such a great step towards improving our sustainability.

It is a good idea for domestic and business customers alike to compare electricity suppliers from time to time. According to the findings of a study carried out by the Vaasa Energy Institute, by switching to an EKOenergia-certified supplier, you may even end up saving money. There are around ten EKOenergia-certified suppliers in Finland. A handy tool is available on the EKOenergia website to compare the contracts they offer.



Seppo Kallio_150x200
Seppo Kallio

Seppo Kallio is the Managing Director at housing supplier Espoo Asunnot. He thinks switching to an EKOenergia-certified energy provider was an obvious choice for his organisation to complement their existing work on climate change. 

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