You might not know it yet, but you’re a gardener

Of innovations, that is. Even if you’re not interested in horticulture in the traditional sense. Although, we do have several interesting startups here in Espoo Innovation Garden working on growing things that live also in the traditional kinds of gardens: check out  

So what is Espoo Innovation Garden exactly, and why are you a gardener already? Well, it all started here in the spiritual heartlands of Otaniemi, Keilaniemi and Tapiola, where innovators rub shoulders with entrepreneurs, the creative class feeds the imagination of corporations, and scientist co-create the future with citizens. We’ve (and I don’t mean the city, I mean all us in the community) built up unique bonds and relations that allow for the creation of wonderful innovations and the commercialization of those innovations as successful global products and services. There is a unique culture of collaboration and friendly competition here. By entering Kiuas you will be a part of that culture – a co-gardener amongst thousands of other inspiring change-makers. It’s more than a place. It’s an international community and a collaborative way of working together.

If you’re not convinced yet just look at the numbers; within a measly couple of square kilometers you will find the HQs of corporations that make up over 50% of the turnover of the Helsinki stock exchange. Nokia, Microsoft, Rovio, Kone, Tieto amongst many others call this place home. There’s Aalto, VTT, and scores of other world-class R&D organizations. There’s 20 000 students, 6000 researchers, 1000 companies, and a hundred nationalities all around the corner. There’re numerous other thematic accelerators (including health and wellbeing, fashion, space) with more on the way, churning startup after startup into an ecosystem which already houses the most student-driven entrepreneurship in the world. Oh and on top of that, all this exists in the city which was determined by an EU study to be the most sustainable on the continent, whether you measure economic, ecological or social sustainability. We take this recognition seriously. We are the second largest and fastest growing city in Finland, and we want to be absolutely sure that we grow sustainably.

But the garden is not limited to the borders of Espoo, the capital region, or even Finland. We are an international community with thousands of partners, collaborators and fans globally. Join us at our group in Facebook, and do visit also EntrerpriseEspoo for free advice and consultation when you want to set up your company.

So welcome to Kiuas and by proxy, Espoo Innovation Garden. You have the privilege of being in the right place in very interesting times.

Happy gardening,

Harri Paananen_150x200


Espoo is a garden of innovation and adventurous experiences – Espoo Innovation Garden. We want to prepare a seedbed for creating new jobs and a good strong living environment in the spirit of co-creation with companies, communities and residents. The city itself is one of the gardeners by bringing together various partners and creating possibilities for growth and innovations.

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