Fall in love with Espoo’s waterfront

Ask any Espoo resident what comes to their mind when they think of their hometown and they will tell you about the sea and the surrounding nature. Both are also important pull factors for visitors to the area even if we have so far not made full use of the potential they offer.

The Espoo Waterfront Walkway offers ideal development potential. Importantly, it is well loved by the people who already use it. Development taking place here will need to deliver positive and attractive outcomes that offer genuine benefits to users. The city plays a key role in making sure that the development creates a positive feedback loop for the area. With the launch of Länsimetro, the new western extension of the capital region’s metro service, the Espoo waterfront will become more accessible to visitors, while the significant new residential housing along the metro corridor will drive demand for new services at the waterfront.

The Espoo Waterfront Walkway development project will attract the best talent to the area. The project manager, also known as the Waterfront Walkway Host, acts as a one-stop partner for locals, businesses and other organizations and is responsible for ensuring that genuine progress is made to benefit the local area. As part of the development project, we will create the ideal conditions for the delivery of a modern and sustainable leisure and visitor offering and ensure that the area’s cultural and natural heritage remains protected. The Espoo Waterfront Walkway offers excellent business and employment potential and enhances the coastal area’s wider appeal as a visitor destination.

Visiting the waterfront

Even in later summer, the seawater is still warm, offering an irresistible opportunity to try out new water sports. The Laguuni water sports center in Keilalahti has a solar-powered wakeboarding park, as well as SUP boards and kayaks for hire. After a good session in the water, you can retreat to the Blägä restaurant for some tasty, and well-deserved, burgers and drinks. Kayaking is also on offer at Otsolahti Canoe Center, in Tapiola. Finish off your aquatic exploits with a visit to the newly refurbished Cafe Otsolahti, an excellent seafront café known for its warm and friendly customer service.

There is also plenty to do in the Haukilahti beach and marina. The SUP Station offers SUP board hire and tuition, while Cafe Mellsten, Haukilahden Paviljonki and Haukilahden ranta serve up delicious food and drink in a truly beautiful setting.

The Matinkylä district has experienced rapid development in recently years. At Nokkalan Majakka, visitors can enjoy spectacular sea views all year round, while the nearby Cafe Merenneito, the mermaid café, has a long heritage and a large and dedicated following.

If you have a boat, whether your own or hired, exploring Espoo’s wonderful archipelago islands is a must. To hire a boat locally, check out the new Skipperi online boat hire service.

Visitors can also stay overnight at the Espoo Waterfront Walkway. The newly refurbished Hanasaari has all the amenities you would expect from a modern hotel and conference venue whilst also offering a stunning seaside setting, wonderful art and design and even a Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre. The hotel’s restaurant, Johannes, serves up fantastic Nordic fair capable of impressing even the most discerning of diners. In Otaniemi, the Radisson Blu Hotel Espoo enjoys a wonderful seafront location with excellent leisure opportunities and first rate transport links. The hotel also boasts its own restaurant, the laid back Ravintola Ranta.

The Espoo Waterfront Marathon is set to take place on 16–17 September 2017. The majority of the route follows pavements and cycle paths, giving runners an excellent tour of the Espoo waterfront.

When you’re done exploring the coast, you can head inland to Nuuksio. Nuuksio National Park is a true wilderness in the heart of the capital region with dramatic valleys and gorges, verdant marshes and woodlands and more than 80 secluded lakes and ponds. At the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia visitors have the opportunity to explore flora and fauna from across Finland. With everything from hiking, skiing, swimming, fishing, biking and climbing to horse riding and wild wood foraging on offer, Nuuksio truly has something for everyone.

The Espoo Waterfront Walkway is all about enjoyment, offering visitors an enhanced sense of well-being and a real connection with nature. Exciting fun-filled activities in a beautiful and inspiring setting are a true luxury./Exciting fun-filled activities in an inspiring setting close to home are a true everyday luxury.

Lennart Pettersson


Lennart Pettersson works as the Project Manager of Espoo Rantaraitti Development Project which is part of  Espoo Marketing oy ‘s mission to develop Rantaraitti.


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