Gaining valuable professional experience – a technology internship at City of Espoo

My name is Niina Juopperi and I’m a 20-year-old Media Assistant. I completed my media assistant qualification at the same time as I graduated from secondary school in the autumn of 2015. After graduation, I immediately threw myself into job hunting. I had already decided that I would look for work in my specialist field for a year or two to gain valuable work experience. That turned out to be easier said than done. Read more

Espoon Asunnot switches to EKOenergia certified power supplier for all properties – Why have we done this?

The results of the latest survey into Espoo residents’ environment-related attitudes and behaviour show that climate change is seen as one of the most serious global environmental threats currently facing us and many express concerns about the consequences of runaway climate change. The environment also matters to me personally. It is up to all of us to make environmentally sustainable decisions now to ensure that future generations to come will also be able to thrive on our planet.

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Is nanoelectronics finally approaching the plateau of productivity?

About ten years ago I attended Nanotech Tokyo for the first time. We had a group of some 10-11 Finnish nanotech companies going to the trade fair at Tokyo Big Sight, the stand was called FMNT Finnish Micro Nano Technology -joint stand. At the event there was a lot of buzz and high expectations in the air. Carbon nanotubes, graphene, nanowire forests, nanothinfilms. There was a lot of excitement.

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Chinese talent in Finland – Can you afford not to engage?

For Peter Vesterbacka, well-versed in the immense opportunities offered by the Chinese export market, Chinese language proficiency represents an important building block for Finland’s future economic prosperity. As he has it, a workforce proficient in the language would attract Chinese and other international companies to base themselves in Finland, and also smooth the way for Finnish companies keen to access the huge market in China, which continues to see growth despite a recent slow down.

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