Which are the potential challenges Chinese students commonly experience?

In 2015, representatives of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA ry) from Aalto University and University of Helsinki conducted a survey to identify potential challenges, which Chinese students commonly experience while seeking employment in Finland. Recommendations from the CSSA ry survey were presented to the representatives of the City of Espoo. The survey acts as a grounding for dialog between the City of Espoo and Chinese representatives from CSSA ry on what could be done to improve employment opportunities for Chinese talents in Finland.

Through joint project preparation work between non-profit organizations and the City of Espoo, Sino-Talent Finland ry was founded in April 2016. The aim of the association is to enhance employment and networking opportunities for Chinese talents in Finland. The project organizes activities such as Talent and Business workshops which enables talents to be face to face with potential employers. Through successful partnership work, the project has already assisted six Chinese talents in finding employment.

The role of the City of Espoo is to open its networks to Sino-Talent Finland ry enabling them to build partnerships with the business world and provide an insight into the remits and framework under which the public organization is operating. The aim of the City of Espoo’s project is to assist the association to cultivate and strengthen their networks so that it can continue as an independent body to support employment opportunities of the Chinese talents at the end of the project in August 2018.

Virve Hutchinson

Virve_ilman taustaa

Virve Hutchinson works as a Planner of Immigration Affairs and Employment in the City of Espoo. 

Chinese talent in Finland – Can you afford not to engage?

For Peter Vesterbacka, well-versed in the immense opportunities offered by the Chinese export market, Chinese language proficiency represents an important building block for Finland’s future economic prosperity. As he has it, a workforce proficient in the language would attract Chinese and other international companies to base themselves in Finland, and also smooth the way for Finnish companies keen to access the huge market in China, which continues to see growth despite a recent slow down.

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